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Tesla Model S Gets Unique Styling By Novitec

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For Tesla owners that want to make more than just a green statement.

After a shot in the dark with restyling the Tesla Model X, German tuner Novitec, best known for its supercar upgrades, received such an "overwhelmingly positive response" that it has decided to work its magic on the Model S. The tuner claims that many Model S owners want nothing more than to have a sportier looking ride, so have developed naked-carbon body components that add a visual flair to the four-door sedan as well as optimizing the aerodynamics.

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The add-ons include a front spoiler lip, which reduces front axle lift at high speeds and improves handling, rocker panels that endow the Tesla with a more planted stance while calming the airflow around the sides of the vehicle, and a rear lip spoiler and diffuser at the back. Again, the result is a more athletic look while enhancing handling. A set of 21-inch NV2 alloys, designed specifically for the Tesla Model S, were developed in collaboration with Vossen. With a stunning five slanted double-spoke design, each individual wheel was manufactured for the specific corner of the car, ensuring the spokes remain in an aerodynamically optimized position.

Novitec also offers a coilover suspension for Model S cars that don't have the pneumatic suspension, allowing owners to drop their rides by up to 40 mm. It also provides three damper settings, moving from Comfort – Normal – Sport, via a touch of a button. Tesla Model S models with air suspension can request a modified control system that lowers the ride height by 25 mm. Stopping power has also been enhanced with a carbon-ceramic high-performance braking system. 380 x 34 mm and six-piston fixed calipers for the front axle are available as part of Variant 1 package, while Variant 2 adds 360 x 28 mm carbon-ceramic discs and four-piston brake calipers at the rear.

As with all Novitec upgrades, customers can tailor the cockpit with an array of high-end leathers and Alcantara coupled with decorative stitching. Prices available upon request.