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Tesla Model S Now in All 50 States

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It took just 18 months to complete the set.

Having established its Supercharger network across the country enabling a coast-to-coast drive to be made free of charge, Tesla has hit another important milestone this week. A Model S is now registered in every single state of the union. Mississippi has been holding up the announcement for eight months, but after a Model S was registered in Jackson back in November, Elon Musk can - and will - now brag he has a car in every state. It took 18 months to reach that target.

By comparison, the Nissan Leaf took 23 months and the Chevy Volt just eleven months. While Mississippi has just a single registered Model S – no shock given its status as the state with the smallest market share of EVs in the country – California leads the way with 48 percent of all US-based Tesla Model Ss registered in the state.

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