Tesla Model S Owner Fined $10,000 Because His Car Is "Too Polluting"


It's like fining Muhammad Ali for being bad at boxing.

The entire point of the Tesla Model S is to be the car that shows the world how saving the planet can be incredibly fun by mixing the comfort and tech of a BMW 5-Series, the acceleration of a Dodge Challenger Hellcat, and the environmentalism of a Nissan Leaf. So you can imagine how confused we were when we learned that Singapore has just fined the country's first Model S owner $10,840 for having a car that is too polluting. The Model S comes sans tailpipe, so what the hell is the Singaporean government smoking?

According to them, they're puffing on the fumes from the power plant that makes the electricity to power all of those Ludicrous Mode launches. Their calculations figured that the Model S's power demand accounts for more than 222 grams of CO2 (released from the factory) for every kilometer that the Model S drives, which barley breeches the Singaporean government's baseline for taxable emissions. This number factors in the power that is lost in transporting the electricity from the power plant to the Tesla's batteries. Being the involved CEO that he is, Elon Musk responded to people's questions about the matter on Twitter.

Source Credits: www.cnbc.com

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