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Tesla Model S Owner Tells Us Why He Likes His New Model 3 Better

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Wait, maybe Tesla really is about to dominate the world.

The question we've all been waiting to hear the answer to is on the cusp of being resolved. That would be: is the Tesla Model 3 worth it? Objectively, the answer is already yes. It has almost the same range as the Chevrolet Bolt and features more technology and better looks than General Motors' equivalent. On the other hand, the fact that only the more expensive long-range version is out can put a dent in how equitable the Model 3 is for its target demographic: slightly less than the majority of US drivers.

For now the question persists. To attempt an answer, YouTuber Austin Evans gets behind the wheel of a Model 3 with its owner, who also happens to have a Model S in the garage. That puts him in the unique position of being able to compare the two cars using anecdotal experiences.

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His initial analysis is surprising. The Tesla owner seems to like the Model 3 better than the Model S because, in his words, it does everything that the Model S does for half the price. He even thinks it feels more composed and (obviously) more sporty than the larger luxury sedan despite the fact it uses springs instead of fancy air suspension. Given that the first Model 3s to have been delivered to the public are facing quality concerns, it's refreshing to see that there are buyers also having a wonderful ownership experience with Tesla's make-it-or-break-it car.