Tesla Model X Crossover Spreads its Wings and Makes its Debut


Tesla Motor’s third vehicle has finally been released.

EV automakers Tesla have finally revealed their third vehicle, the Model X crossover. Unveiled at their Southern California design studios, the first non-Lotus based model they have made looks suspiciously like a certain time-traveling car from a certain series of movies wherein the main characters go "Back to the Future I, II or III." The new Model X shares 60 percent of its parts with their Model S and runs on their own, unique platform.

The big all-electric fastback-styled car weighs ten percent more than the Model S and features what Tesla calls "Falcon" wings. Three rows of seating and two drive configurations, rear- and all-wheel-drive, will be available. "This is kind of the killer app for families. It has more utility than a minivan, and better performance, much better performance, than an S.U.V," said Tesla chief Elon Musk. The performance he mentioned refers to its 0-60mph time of 4.4 seconds. The Tesla Model X will price from $50,000 for the base and goes up to $80,000, depending on battery choices and trim level.

Production of the Model X is set to begin in 2014. Check out a clip of the near-future tech car's debut below. Photos courtesy of motortrend/Jason Davis.

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