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Tesla Model X Gets Rare Makeover By Novitec

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Probably the best-looking Model X we've ever seen.

Best known for working on high-performance supercars with beefy internal combustion engines, German tuning house Novitec has for the first time worked its magic on an electric vehicle. And what better place to start than the Tesla Model X. As with all its body kits, the new bodywork components were sculpted and optimized in the wind tunnel. Made from carbon fiber with a high-gloss naked carbon finish, the new kit gives the SUV a more distinctive look while enhancing stability at high speeds.

A new front lip spoiler reduces front-axle lift, rocker panels calm the airflow along the side and give the Model X a sleeker stance, while the rear has been transformed with a sporty diffuser and a choice of two spoilers. Vossen was tasked with creating a set of bespoke 22-inch five tilted double-spoke NV2 wheels, available in no less than 72 different colors. As a result of the new wheels and massive high-performance rubber, the fenders have been widened accordingly. To enhance stopping power and further improve direct handling, Novitec fitted its carbon-ceramic brakes, with 380 x 34 mm vented rotors and six-piston calipers up front, and 360 x 28 mm rotors and four-piston calipers at the rear.

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As with any Novitec aftermarket package, the interior can be customized to customers' exact requirements using an array of colors and designs, as well as the finest leather and Alcantara. Prices are available upon request.