Tesla Model X Production Delayed

Production for the electric Model X has been pushed back by a year in order to let Tesla focus more on Model S sales.

EV carmaker Tesla has been having, for the most part, solid success following the launch of its all-new Model S sedan. Despite a recent controversy surrounding a New York Times report claiming the Model S ran out of juice earlier than it should have during a multi-state test drive, demand for the vehicle remains solid. As a result, Tesla has announced that it’s pushing back the launch for its follow-up model, the Model X electric crossover.

AutoblogGreen has confirmed through a Tesla spokesperson that "Production for the Model X has been pushed back until late 2014." Originally scheduled to begin production later this year, Tesla has changed the date in order to focus on increased Model S "production and other product enhancements." It’s unlikely that the NY Times story controversy has anything to do with this production delay, but if Tesla feels that it’s best to improve the Model S and to satisfy its growing demand, then so be it. For the record, Model S deliveries are forecast to increase to an impressive 20,000 units for this year alone.

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