Tesla Model X Prototype Is Dead Silent Except For Tire Squealing

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Like the Model S, only it's a crossover with those nifty gullwing doors.

Despite the delays, Tesla is hard at work putting the finishing touches on the Model X crossover. Based on the same platform as the Model S sedan, the Model X is rumored to offer similar performance and driving characteristics. It'll also share the same three battery options as its sedan sibling. However, the Model X will come in all-wheel drive only. And yes, those gullwing doors so prominently displayed on the concept version will make production. So is the Model X worth the wait?

Apparently so, because the entire first year's production run is already sold out. And now an amateur spotter, with his iPhone 5 to help, managed to capture a prototype Model X testing on the runway of a former naval station in California. The crossover makes little to no noise, the only exception being are the tires squealing.

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