Tesla Model Y Gets New Quicksilver And Midnight Cherry Red Colors

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Two older colors will be discontinued to make room for the new ones.

Unlike most automakers, Tesla doesn't provide many options for its cars. Take the wildly popular Model Y crossover, for example - you can pick a seven-seater version, add a tow hitch, or tick the box for the Full Self-Driving Capability suite, but that's about it, meaning you'd have to consult your favorite tuner if you want something different.

This scarcity of options extends to the color palette for Tesla vehicles. For years, only a handful of shades have been available, but Tesla is finally introducing two new choices to add a dash of variety. The company published a new video showcasing the two new colors: Quicksilver and Midnight Cherry Red.

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These aren't your average silver and red hues, though, as Tesla says the colors have been "developed with our most advanced paint system yet." Although Tesla doesn't go into great detail about the process, it does say that the colors have up to 13 layers for a hand-painted look that adds depth and dimension. On Twitter, Tesla says that the highly-pigmented metallic paint was designed to alter its appearance based on lighting conditions and the viewing angle.

In the short clip, we can see a Tesla Model Y sporting the new shades, and to be fair, they look great. It is refreshing to see this popular crossover painted in something other than black or white.

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Currently, customers in the USA also choose from Midnight Silver Metallic, Deep Blue Metallic ($1,000), and Red Multi-Coat ($2,000).

Because these new colors are produced using special techniques, they do carry an additional cost, but we had to use the German configurator to find out what that is. In that region, Quicksilver goes for €3,000, which works out to around $2,930 at current rates. The Midnight Cherry Red, meanwhile, costs €3,200 (about $3,125). Respectively, these colors replace Midnight Silver Metallic and Red Multi-Coat. However, as these colors were developed in the Gigafactory Berlin, they're currently only available in Europe and the Middle East.

Hopefully, the fetching new colors will make it to the Gigafactory Texas facility soon so that local customers can begin ordering them. It would also be nice to see the availability of these colors expand to other products like the Model S, too.

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