Tesla Model Y In New Quicksilver Color Shows Its Sleek Paint For The First Time

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The new paint option looks great, and we're sure Midnight Cherry will be just as gorgeous.

A few weeks ago, we reported that the Tesla Model Y would be getting two new paint colors, Midnight Cherry and Quicksilver, and today we're greeted with the images of the first Model Y's in Quicksilver.

These images are from the Auto Zurich convention in Oerlikon, Switzerland. The Model Y was made in the Gigafactory in Berlin, as these colors are currently only available on European and Middle Eastern vehicles. The car looks to wear the paint well, and we're just happy to see Tesla offering more color options on the historically sparse crossover.

The colors were developed to offer more premium hues for the model. Tesla says that they have up to 13 layers to give a hand-painted and rich look. The company also said the colors were designed with the most advanced paint system the automaker has and that the metallic paint was created to change right before your eyes depending on your lighting environment.

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These colors will set you back a bit more money, though. Currently, the most expensive paint color one can order on the Model Y is Red Multi-Coat at $2,000. The new color pricing hasn't been officially released yet, but by going on the European Model Y configurator, it's looking like the two shades are going to set you back a bit more dough: €3,000 ($3,096) for Quicksilver and €3,200 ($3,303) for Midnight Cherry Red.

It's a great addition to the vehicle, as there are currently only five colors available. But what would have been nicer is if either of these colors was actually something completely new. The Model Y already had silver and red options, and even if these will be higher-end finishes (that replace Midnight Silver Metallic and Red Multi-Coat), something completely different would have been welcomed. It doesn't have to be too wild, but we'd love to see a green or perhaps a yellow or orange. Maybe even purple could work.

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But don't hold your breath - most consumers enjoy boring colors on cars. There's nothing wrong with a plain black or white vehicle, but you have to admit it's hard for those colors to really make a car feel special. Thankfully, there are still other companies that want to spread the joy of fun car colors.

There isn't a release date for the two new colors yet, but hopefully, Tesla's American Gigafactories will eventually bring them to the local paint shop too. If you'd rather not wait, perhaps a vinyl wrap is a better option. In 2020, Tesla's Chinese service department rolled out a wrapping service, but in the US, you'll have to find your own installer.

Source Credits: Vision E Drive Twitter

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