Tesla Model Y Turns Into Convertible After Roof Flies Off

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This allegedly happened just two hours after the owner drove the Model Y off the showroom floor.

Tesla doesn't have the best reputation when it comes to quality control. The Model 3 was plagued with issues when it first launched, from panel gaps to poor seat stitching and paint issues. We were hoping the Model Y would fare better, but this sadly doesn't seem to be the case.

After owning the electric crossover for just one week, the front wheel of one owner's Model Y fell off. If that wasn't shocking enough, another owner is now claiming the glass panel roof of their brand new Model Y flew off while they were driving on a highway in California, effectively turning the crossover into a convertible. "Hey @elonmuskwhy didn't you tell us that Tesla sells convertibles now? Because the roof of our brand new model Y fell off on the highway," the owner wrote on Twitter.

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2020 Tesla Model Y Front View Tesla
2020 Tesla Model Y Front View Tesla

"I had heard that there were some problems with Tesla's quality assurance, but I don't know how you can miss something as important as the roof being attached."

The accompanying video shows the Model Y cruising the highway with no roof attached, although we don't see the roof detach. Since the entire roof is made of glass, the interior is fully exposed. Unfortunately, the owner claims there was no sentry mode footage available as the defective Model Y was immediately returned to the dealer. The incident happened only two hours after the owner drove off the showroom floor. In a thread on Reddit, the owner's son shared more details about what happened.

2020 Tesla Model Y Side View Tesla
2020 Tesla Model Y Front View Tesla

"We were driving back home when we started to hear a ton of wind. I thought maybe a window was open but a minute later the entire glass roof just blew off," they explained. "After a brief panic we turned around and drove the new Tesla convertible back to the dealership."

After returning the roofless Model Y to the dealership, the manager said the roof seal was either faulty or someone at the factory could have simply forgotten to seal the roof on. How this got past quality assurance is a complete mystery. Let's hope this doesn't happen to anyone else because it could cause an accident or injuries. The dealership manager offered a free service, but the owner declined and is planning to get a new car. After this harrowing experience, it probably won't be a Tesla.

2020 Tesla Model Y Interior in White Tesla
2020 Tesla Model Y Rear View Tesla

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2020 Tesla Model Y Interior in White
2020 Tesla Model Y Front View
2020 Tesla Model Y Front View
2020 Tesla Model Y Front View

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