Tesla Model Y Will Complete Carmaker's 'S3XY' Lineup

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Tesla will be adding a fourth model to its lineup sooner than you think.

Only a week after the reveal of the Tesla Model 3 and there are already 325,000 preorders in for a copy of the car. This is nearly three times as much as Elon Musk expected and in Tesla's own words, is the "biggest one-week launch of any product ever." Now here comes the kicker, just before the launch of the Model 3, Musk made another one of his famous Twitter leaks and said that the Model 3 unveiling was only phase one and that phase two will happen closer to the production date of the Model 3.

This drums up plenty of excitement, but when you connect this Tweet with a previous Musk Twitter leak, we can begin to see what all the secrecy might be about. Just a week after the debut of the Model X, Musk had tweeted that there will be two entry-level Teslas coming out, the Model 3 and a mystery Tesla called the Model Y. In his tweet, he said that only one of these will feature the signature Falcon Wing doors. We have already seen the Model 3 and it clearly doesn't feature the cool doors, so does this mean that Musk will unveil an entry-level Model Y crossover or wagon with these doors in the near future? If preorder numbers for the Model 3 indicate anything, additional Tesla models are sure to be a huge success.

Unfortunately, we have no way of knowing the answer, but the Internet has quite an imagination and has drummed up some renderings of what a CrossWagon, a SportWagon, and a coupe version of the Model 3 would look like. The roof racks are a nice add-on, but are unlikely to make it to production with the glass roof that the Model 3 has. Additionally, we doubt that Tesla would go with a wagon design that is reminiscent of an Audi although the coupe rendering may be a clue as to what the next Tesla Roadster will look like. We'd love to see some of these speculations become reality, but for the mean time, it's a bit strange to think that if Tesla makes a Model Y, its lineup would effectively be "S3XY." Renderings by X-Tomi Design.

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Tesla Inc
Source Credits: xtomi.blogspot.ro

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