Tesla Motors Has Given Itself A New Name

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No, not Trump Motors. That'd be interesting.

Stop everything you're doing because this is big. OK, that was clearly a major exaggeration, just like the so-called big news that Tesla Motors has given itself a new name. So, what is it? According to Automotive News, it's now called – wait for it – Tesla. More specifically, Tesla, Inc. Why drop the "Motors" part? Because the EV automaker has been expanding its product lineup beyond cars, with examples including battery storage units for private home use, such as the Powerwall battery.


Last November Tesla purchased SolarCity, the solar panel company also founded by Elon Musk. In the fairly near future, expect SolarCity to begin offering solar roof panels that look like typical roof shingles. Bottom line, Musk is consolidating some of his companies into a single entity, specifically his transportation and energy storage businesses. But don't think for a moment Tesla won't stop building cars, at least not anytime soon. The entry-level Model 3 is coming up next and, more recently, Musk hinted that a successor to his first model, the Roadster, is also in the mix. And, at some point, the Model S will need to be replaced.

Tesla, Inc. - not Tesla Motors - is a much more appropriate name for what Musk and crew have in store for years to come. Blending solar panel technologies with vehicles makes complete sense.


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