Tesla Now Has 15,000 Superchargers Across The Globe


The EV maker's latest milestone is a few years late, though.

With all-electric competitors popping up from all corners - including established marques like Porsche with its Taycan and brand new players like Rivian - Tesla doesn't have things all to itself any longer. What it does have is its widespread Supercharger network, unmatched in the EV world, and now with a new milestone: the network has grown to 15,000 chargers globally, according to a report from Electrek.

Even though the EV automaker has fallen short of its goal of having 18,000 Superchargers installed by the end of 2018, the latest milestone remains one of the brand's key advantages for owners with range anxiety.

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How did Tesla get to 15,000 Superchargers? Well, the delays affecting its new-generation technology (Supercharger V3) appear to be over, allowing the brand to deploy a further 2,000 Supercharger stalls in the second half of this year. Contributing to the rapid expansion of the network is a massive 28-stall station in Arizona that will connect Los Angeles and Phoenix.

Considering that most of its charging stations have below 20 stalls, this new one will have nearly twice the capacity of the existing eight-stall V2 station that already covers the 372-mile drive. It further bolsters North America's position as the market with the largest Supercharger network.

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Europe comes in next as the maker's biggest Supercharger network, followed by Asia Pacific. Also outside of the States, the Trans-Canadian Highway network is set to be launched imminently and has been under construction since 2018. With the upgraded V3 tech, charging times are reduced thanks to a charging rate of 250 kW. At this rate, the Tesla Model 3 Long Range can recover up to 75 miles of charge in just five minutes.

With Tesla's Supercharger network now extending to over 1,700 locations globally, and with the V3's teething troubles hopefully sorted, it's likely that the next few months will see even more rapid expansion.

2016-2019 Tesla Model X Front View Driving Tesla

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2016 Tesla Model S P100D Charge Port
2016-2019 Tesla Model X Badge

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