Tesla Offering 10,000 Free Supercharging Miles To Keep Buyers Interested

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It's an unusual move from a brand that traditionally doesn't do discounts and incentives.

Tesla has reportedly authorized sales representatives to offer 10,000 free Supercharging miles to buyers who take delivery by the end of the month, as it hopes to drum up sales in December, reports Electrek.

But why is Tesla, a brand that can't keep up with demand, offering incentives for vehicle delivery? It's all got to do with the upcoming electric vehicle tax credit that is expected to kick in on January 1. It's been some time since Tesla qualified for any tax incentives, but buyers are expected to benefit from new legislation which could see them saving up to $7,500.

However, this means they have to wait until next year to take delivery of their vehicles. This led the company to offer an appealing discount ($3,750) on vehicles like the Model 3 and Model Y, as waiting customers are canceling orders to take advantage of the new incentives.


Sources close to the matter told the publication that the free Supercharging miles incentive is being used to encourage people to take ownership in December.

This particular deal-sweetener is offered across the range, but only for new-titled vehicles. The free Supercharging miles need to be used within two years of the delivery date and are non-transferable. Coupled with an already discounted price tag, buyers looking to get a good deal on a Model 3 or Model Y might want to act fast.

Yes, you could wait for the new incentives to kick in this January but, remember, some Tesla models may not even be eligible for the new EV credit. Tesla uses Panasonic and CATL batteries, meaning the brand may only qualify for a lower $3,750 credit when the new rules are enforced on January 1. The Inflation Reduction Act requires EVs to have a certain amount of locally manufactured battery components.


Secondly, the pricier variants may not qualify for any incentives. The new credit reportedly has price limits for respective segments. Sedans, hatches, and station wagons are capped at $55,000, while larger vehicles such as trucks, SUVs, and vans are capped at $80,000. That rules out all iterations of the Model S and Model X, along with some higher-spec Model 3 and Model Y derivatives.

We will get greater clarity come January 1, but Tesla's latest batch of incentives seems rather appealing. We've reached out to Tesla for comment and will update the article once we receive communication from the brand.

Given that the automaker is only offering these incentives for December, it's likely got to do with the impending new regulations. If we were in the market for a new Tesla, we'd certainly consider looking into purchasing one now, while there's still stock. These incentives are unlikely to make a comeback, either.

Tesla 2017-2023 Tesla Model 3 Forward View Tesla
2017-2023 Tesla Model 3 Forward View
Source Credits: Electrek

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2017-2023 Tesla Model 3 Forward View

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