Tesla On The Verge of a $1 Billion Deal With Toyota

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Tesla on the verge of a deal with Toyota that could be worth $1 billion dollars.

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk said that Tesla is currently negotiating a deal with Toyota that could be easily worth $1 billion dollars. The Tesla CEO recently signed a deal with the Japanese automaker for $100 million. In a conference call with analysts, Musk said that the second quarter was the most profitable in Tesla's history thanks in part to a very large demand for the Roadster sports car and the upcoming Model S sedan. Both models are plug-in EV's.

Toyota just happens to be the world's largest car company and leader in hybrids with the Prius being their flagship in the green department. Musk stated that the eight year old company was nearing the $1 billion dollar deal that could change Tesla's stance on the market and help the company gain more recognition for their Roadster and Model S sedans.

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