Tesla Owner Caught Lying About Brake Failure

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Tesla's legal team is hard at work.

Tesla vehicles are in high demand not only in the West but also in China. There's a good reason why Elon Musk wanted to build the Shanghai Gigafactory. It's churning out examples of the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y as fast as possible to satisfy China's thirst for the popular EVs. But some owners are trying to take advantage or get attention with some shady methods.

Teslarati reports the owner of a Model X has issued a public apology on social media following the release of a TikTok video where he staged a brake failure. He claimed it was done only for entertainment purposes. Tesla's lawyers weren't entertained.

2021 Tesla Model X Plaid Driving Front Angle Tesla
2021 Tesla Model X Plaid Rear Angle View Tesla
2021 Tesla Model X Plaid Cockpit Tesla

There have been other similar instances regarding fake claims by owners that have been posted to TikTok and other social media platforms. Tesla's Chinese lawyers are paying extremely close attention to these platforms because they want to stop misinformation as soon as possible. The team has created a Weibo page, China's version of Facebook/Instagram, where it's been made clear legal action will be taken against those lying only for attention's sake.

Owning a Tesla in China brings immense status, something very important in Chinese culture. But it hasn't all been smooth sailing. Government authorities have caused Tesla of using spying software in its cars, while at the Shanghai Auto Show in April, a young Model 3 owner caused quite a stir by standing on the roof of a car and shouting her car's brakes had failed.

2017-2021 Tesla Model 3 Forward Vision Tesla
2017-2021 Tesla Model 3 Front Seats Tesla
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She was carried away by show officials but maintained her claim. Tesla later released the car's data logs that revealed the owner was speeding and the brakes were fine. Following that fiasco, Tesla has sought to improve customer relations in China. If there is a real problem that needs to be resolved, then every effort will be made to do so. The keyword is "real."

Good intentions will be responded to with equally good intentions. "We have set up a special handling team, dedicated to special handling, and strive to meet the demands of car owners and strive to satisfy car owners while complying with laws and regulations," Tesla stated on Weibo.

2020-2021 Tesla Model Y Forward View Tesla
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Source Credits: Teslarati

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2021 Tesla Model X Plaid Driving Front Angle
2021 Tesla Model X Plaid Rear Angle View
2021 Tesla Model X Plaid Cockpit
2020-2021 Tesla Model Y Central Console

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