Tesla Owner Sues Tesla After Driving His Model X Into His House


Blame unintended acceleration?

A Tesla Model X owner has just sued Tesla after his electric SUV crashed through his garage and into his living room. According to Reuters, Ji Chang Son is claiming that last September he experienced unintended acceleration in his Model X (which Tesla states is the safest SUV ever) and, as a result of the crash, both he and his passenger were injured. Son filed the lawsuit, which is seeking class action status, late last week in the US District Court in California.

The suit states that "the vehicle spontaneously began to accelerate at full power, jerking forward and crashing through the interior wall of the garage, destroying several wooden support beams in the wall and a steel sewer pipe, among other things, and coming to rest in Plaintiff's living room." What's more, the suit further cites "seven other complaints registered in a database compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) dealing with sudden acceleration without warning." Does Tesla now have a Toyota-like unintended acceleration debacle on its hands? According to Tesla, no way. The EV automaker has "conducted a thorough investigation" of its own specifically regarding Son's claims.

Tesla is stating that the car's data "conclusively shows that the crash was the result of Mr. Son pressing the accelerator pedal all the way to 100 percent." In addition to citing its own internal testing, Tesla adds that thanks to its Autopilot along with other applied safety technologies, it's able to safeguard against pedal misapplication. In other words, technology can distinguish between inaccurate pedal application and normal cases.


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