Next Tesla Update Will Help Dodge Speeding Tickets

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New features in the latest update suggest nifty functions are coming to Teslas.

Tesla's latest software update brings several new features to its passenger car lineup, like the Model 3 and Model S, aiming to improve safety and ease of use for owners, according to Not A Tesla App.

The new 2023.27.12 software (also known as beta brings myriad upgrades, including to Autopilot, which can now be activated by pulling the right stalk once instead of twice. However, this setting needs to be selected by the driver and won't just change on all Tesla models with Autopilot.

According to the release notes, with Single Pull - and Autopilot set to Autosteer - the system bypasses Traffic-Aware Cruise Control. When Autopilot is set to Full Self-Driving, it bypasses Autosteer and Traffic-Aware Cruise Control. Single Pull allows the driver to return to manual driving quicker and with less fuss.

This and several updates were leaked in November, giving us an idea of what to expect.

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So, what else can Tesla owners look forward to? The in-cabin camera has been updated to monitor inattentiveness and will notify the driver with alerts to focus on the road ahead. According to Tesla white-hat hacker @greentheonly (Green), the camera now monitors the driver's liveliness to prevent owners from fooling the camera.

Green also says the new update introduces speed camera awareness, which will notify drivers of a fixed or temporary camera. This, and a red light camera, will be offered. Aside from this, Tesla owners can also expect new navigation features, such as construction zone avoidance and U-turn control. However, it's worth noting that just because these features have been found doesn't mean they will be made available immediately.

It's good to know shortly, Tesla models will be able to detect cameras, helping drivers avoid costly fines or risky driving behavior.

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Full-Self Driving (FSD)/Autopilot and navigation have a mutually beneficial relationship, with the former likely to perform better on roads and in areas where other Teslas have previously ventured. On the other hand, the navigation system can recommend routes based on where Autopilot and FSD have had stronger performance for other Tesla drivers.

Other upgrades found in this update, pertaining to Autopilot, include improved cut-in vehicle detection (15%), reduced vehicle acceleration error (10%), and improved Vision Park Assist geometric accuracy (16%), to name a few. Path blockage lane change accuracy has also seen a 10% uptick.

Aside from this update, Tesla has started rolling out the latest FSD update to certain employees. Version 12, as it's known, is reportedly a massive improvement over the latest software and may drop the beta suffix when it's made available to customers.

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