Tesla Owners Face First World Problems: Long Waits To Top Off Their Tanks

Electric Car

Err, we mean battery packs.

On occasion we love to laugh at the misery of theautomotive elite. Smiles come from all around every time a wealthy supercar owner needlessly wrecks a Ferrari. Now you can laugh at the misfortune of some Tesla owners as they wait in long lines to recharge their rides. Tesla’s supercharger network has not grown enough to keep up with demand. One owner of a Model S took to Reddit to share a photo of a massive recharging line at a supercharging station in California.

This photo above is from Redditor Vik1ng. Vik1ing said 15 cars were in line to use a supercharging station at Tejon Ranch, a stop off along California's 5 freeway, the day after Christmas. When you factor in that the average Model S takes around onehalf hour to charge to 80 percent, it only takes a four-car line to give owners atwo-hour wait time. With the Model X adding to the number of Tesla cars vyingfor charge time, this problem is only going to get worse. Tesla will reallyneed to ramp up its supercharger network if it doesn’t want to piss off customers. This is not the first time Tesla has had problems keeping customers happy; owners have been told to lay off of superchargers in the past.

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It's a bit comforting to know that Tesla owners struggle to fill up their battery packs just like normal folk sometimes struggle to top off their gas tanks. That being said we hope the automaker continues to refine its charging stations and methods as waiting in line sucks no matter what type of car you drive.