Tesla Owners Go On Hunger Strike To Force Fix Of Their Cars

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And the angry group wants to get Elon Musk's attention now.

Norway is, in many ways, the place to own an electric vehicle. Norwegian infrastructure is much more vast than ours here in America, and the Norwegian community surrounding EVs is very robust. Although, according to a group of Tesla owners, the cars themselves aren't so stellar. At least, their particular Teslas aren't and they have started a hunger strike to get the attention of the company.

Teslas, like the Model 3, are the country's most popular brand of EV. They are top-sellers in Norway, but owners are growing upset over a wave of issues such as poor cold weather performance (in Norway go figure) and owners say unanimously that "Autopilot does not work properly."

Erlend Morch

Tesla has faced loads of criticism over just Autopilot alone in the last few years. This group of Norwegian Tesla owners has even set up a website to list their grievances. We've left a link to Tesla Hunger Strike down below. As you might've inferred from the website's name, the owners have decided to go on an actual hunger strike to garner Elon Musk's attention. In some ways, you might say it worked. See the below Tweet.

Musk hits back on this one, in which Musk says he's been fasting in order to be healthier, roughly 24 hours after the strike's public release by organizer Erlend Morch. But Morch sees this as a "cruel subtweet," as he later said himself in a reply to his own Tweet. Users have commented that this is a strategy by Musk to shift the site's Search Engine Optimization (SEO) algorithms away from Morch's tweet.

Erlend Morch

The group's site says that "if Elon Musk is made aware of our troubles, he will solve the situation. Please help us get his attention." The group is clearly seeking some level of accountability from Musk in regard to the myriad of issues listed on the site. Here are some highlights: trunk lid filled with rain water, trim pieces loosen, lights do not work properly, systems resetting on their own, poor service from Tesla dealers and phone personnel, and many more. However, one sticks out to us: "You promised free charging throughout the car's lifetime, but the new charging stations do not fit the car."

Erlend Morch

It sounds an awful lot like newer chargers in Norway, despite the country's excellent infrastructure, will not fit Tesla's. We've run into a similar issue here in the States. Tesla is in the middle of opening its Supercharger network to other makes here, but the plug types are a constant hiccup because Tesla uses a proprietary plug. This sounds very similar to the issue over in Norway, and owners clearly want new plug adapters or to be compensated for the ones they have bought.

As of August 28, Musk's massive Gulfstream private jet filed a flight plan from LA to Norway. Whether this is related is not known at this time. Tesla continues to face a stream of quality-related complaints globally, and the company has not issued a statement on Norway's Tesla hunger strike as of now.

Erlend Morch

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