Tesla Owners Have Found Something To Complain About

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And it's actually kind of justified.

Everything we know about the Tesla ownership experience indicates that it's unlike owning any other car. That's because a Tesla simply isn't like most other cars, or carmakers for that matter. Tesla owners are some of the most satisfied car buyers out there, but according to Automotive News, there may be trouble in paradise. Tesla is no longer a small EV automaker. Sales and, therefore, demand are growing fast and that's causing existing owners to experience long waits when scheduling service appointments.

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Whether it's routine service or a possible technical or mechanical issue, Tesla owners aren't used to having to wait very long. For example, one Model X owner, who recently traded in his 2013 Model S, had to wait 10 days before he could bring the car in to have a faulty window closing mechanism checked out. Before that he had to wait a week to have a door latch repaired. Relatively small issues, but still annoying nonetheless. Other owners have experienced even longer waits for problems Tesla deems as "low priority". At the moment, there's a total of 61 Tesla service centers in 24 states. Another 10 centers are on the way.

Combined with the upcoming Model 3, Tesla has a stated goal of 500,000 cars annually beginning in 2018, so it had better get its service centers up and running pretty quickly if it wants to retain its reputation for awesome service. For now, Tesla owners are fairly forgiving for the long waits, but we doubt that patience will last forever.


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