Tesla Owners Have To Pay $500 To Get Their Radios Back

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An upgrade package removed the radio.

A radio is arguably the most basic of standard features you'd expect of a modern vehicle. This is nothing new. Radio technology has advanced in recent years with the introduction of satellite radio, but a good old AM/FM radio remains in most new vehicles. We say 'most' because Tesla actually got rid of the radio as part of a $2,500 infotainment upgrade for owners with older versions of the Tesla Model S and Model X.

Those cars were not equipped with things like video streaming through Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu. Nor could they support Tesla Arcade, TeslaCam, and Sentry Mode. Needless to say, owners wanted those features and Tesla was listening. That upgrade package also made the touchscreen more responsive.

2012-2016 Tesla Model S Front Angle View Tesla
2012-2016 Tesla Model S Side View Tesla
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All in all, this was a worthwhile investment for many owners, until they noticed something that rightly bothered them: the radio was removed. Tesla admitted this outright in the upgrade's description: "Removes AM, FM and Sirius XM radio. Your car will still have access to internet radio and music streaming." No AM/FM radio or even Sirius XM radio? What was Tesla thinking?

Fortunately, this has been resolved. Kind of. Electrek has learned Tesla recently updated the infotainment retrofit with a new upgrade that will be offered shortly. "We will start scheduling Radio Upgrades later in Q4 2020," the automaker announced to some owners.

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"The purchase and installation of the Radio Upgrade will be available for vehicles that have already undergone Infotainment Upgrade. For vehicles that have not yet undergone an Infotainment Upgrade, we recommend having both the Infotainment Upgrade and Radio Upgrade installation performed at the same time. The Radio Upgrade costs an additional $500 plus applicable tax, and there is no difference in price if you have the Radio Upgrade and Infotainment Upgrade installed separately or together."

Getting the radio back now costs $500 in those older Teslas. Don't forget to factor in the $2,500 upgrade for those other goodies. That's a $3,000 investment all in. New technologies are great but not when they come at the expense (literally) of something as basic as a radio.

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2016-2020 Tesla Model X Front Angle View Tesla
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