Tesla Owners Suing EV Maker Over Exorbitant Costs, Maintenance Monopoly

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A class-action lawsuit filed in California says the automaker leaves Tesla owners with no choice but to utilize the pricey OEM maintenance and repair services.

Tesla is being sued by two customers who are sick of putting up with high-priced car repairs and long wait times as a result of the American automaker's alleged monopoly on maintenance and replacement parts, reports Bloomberg.

As per the report, a suit was filed earlier this week in San Francisco on behalf of Virginia M. Lambrix. The Model S owner alleges that Tesla has left owners with no choice but to pay big bills, arguing that owners of vehicles from other brands are free to take their cars or SUVs to private service centers or even perform repairs themselves with parts attained from the manufacturer or a third party. Tesla drivers do not enjoy the same privileges, the suit reads.

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While Tesla owners are generally satisfied with their vehicles, lengthy repair times and a lack of options is reportedly a problem within the community. Aside from this, the plaintiff asserts that through its practices, Tesla is using its position to control how owners repair their vehicles.

An excerpt reads that customers are faced with "lengthy delays in repairing or maintaining their electric vehicles, only to pay supracompetitive prices for those parts and repairs once they are finally provided."

We've seen evidence of this before when Tesla quoted a Model 3 driver a whopping $16,000 to replace a damaged battery pack. The owner looked to an independent Tesla workshop, which discovered the vehicle only required a cheap replacement part worth $700.

As a way around the long repair times, some Tesla owners have even resorted to having their cars repaired at GM workshops.


Company CEO Elon Musk is well aware of the issues surrounding Tesla service and has promised to improve the experience for customers.

Thanks to even lower prices, Tesla's demand will continue to grow. This means more customers will require a reliable maintenance and repair service, which is a concern considering the company appears unable to keep up with repair requests. While the automaker currently rules the EV roost, it's the small things like these that could cause once-loyal owners to jump ship and purchase something like an Ioniq 5 or Mustang Mach-E.

As for what the class action lawsuit brings, who knows? Perhaps Tesla will finally allow third-party repairs to take place. This will not only appease frustrated clients but take a weight off the shoulders of the burdened Tesla service department.


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2021-2022 Tesla Model S Front View Driving

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