Tesla Planning All-Out Model X Assault For 2016

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Production is heating up for the in-demand SUV.

The Tesla Model X is many things. "In demand" is certainly one of those things as there's a waiting list for the SUV that stretches a year. Now, CleanTechnica is reporting that production of the SUV has ramped up to try and meet demand. An inside (and anonymous) source tells the outlet that "every other car off the line is the X." CleanTechnica notes that Elon Musk pegged production totals at 2,000 cars per week by 2016, which could mean 1,000 Model X SUVs a week are being built.

Of course 1,000 Model X cars a week probably isn't happening just yet, but the fact that the plant is kicking out more SUVs will be welcome news to those on the waitlist and to Tesla's shareholders. Simply put, the SUV needs to be a hit for the company. Tesla has the edge in the electric car game but it can't afford to pop out a dud as it doesn't have the cash behind it like other automakers do. Making new cars costs money, after all. For as lauded as the Model S is, it's still a bit pricey and only occupies a small section of the market (luxury sedans). SUVs are the hottest thing since sliced bread, especially the luxury ones, which means the Model X should be a sales slam dunk.

Tesla needs it to bring in profits while it preps its entry level Model 3. Making up to 1,000 units a week is a great way to start raking in some quick and much-needed cash.

Source Credits: cleantechnica.com

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