Tesla Planning Space Car

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When chilling on the moon, space tourists will want something to cruise around in. Tesla thinks it has the answer.

Tesla founder Elon Musk is no average businessman. Having created the first genuinely cool EV in the Tesla Roadster and following up with the Model S, the real-life Tony Stark is now looking to synergize the work done by his commercial spaceflight company SpaceX to create the world's first space car. This may sound like a far-fetched enterprise, but remember this is a man who has silenced critics by successfully sending two rockets into space, with the latest launch to resupply the International Space Station, occurring just weeks ago.


While the Tesla S is rolling off the assembly line at a nice, steady pace of around 50 units per day, the Tesla space car, currently dubbed the X-mobile, will be built to order with less than five cars expected to be built in its first year of production. Tesla's target audience is the billionaires that will one day take a SpaceX rocket to the moon. While there, they will want to be able to explore the natural satellite's various seas and craters, and what better way to do so than in an EV-powered space car? So far there have been seven space tourists, spending up to $40 million for the pleasure. A mission to the Moon will likely cost closer to $100m, with the X-mobile to come in as a $10m optional extra.

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