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Tesla Plans Game-Changing Model S And Model X Facelift

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You may want to hold off on buying a Tesla until this update.

The Tesla rumor mill never seems to stop churning as the automaker continues to be a treasure trove of juicy gossip. This time around, Tesla is rumored to be working on upgrades to its factory in Freemont, California where the updated Model S and Model X will be assembled. Tesla is reportedly changing out tooling for both models, which are rumored to include the same seats and dashboard as the Model 3.

The rumors also mentioned Tesla will throw in a larger battery pack with increased range but didn't delve any deeper. Now, YouTube channel Like Tesla claims to have insider knowledge from an anonymous source, offering more details about the Model S and Model X facelift.

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The current Model S and Model X Long Range variants achieve 370 and 325 miles respectively, and each recently received a price cut (possibly because refreshed models are on the way). These refreshed models, which have reportedly been out testing in the Mohave desert, are rumored to use a tri-motor design (similar to what has been teased on the upcoming Roadster) instead of the dual-motor layout used today.

If the rumors are true, Tesla will mount a small micromotor on the front axle with two larger electric motors mounted in the rear. The source claims Tesla was testing the standard and performance variants of both models but didn't specify if both will benefit from the tri-motor layout.

By adding a third electric motor, Tesla will likely make the Model S and Model X even quicker than they already are. Along with an increase in power and speed, the EPA-rated range is rumored to be over 400 miles for the Model S and just below that number for the Model X, which is a significant increase over the current cars. Some of the increased range can be attributed to a significant weight loss of around 300 pounds, enabled by lighter battery packs.

Alongside all of these significant upgrades, both cars are expected to receive major styling facelifts. We always take Tesla news with a grain of salt, but just in case it's true, make note that the source says we may see the facelifted Model S and Model X by Q3 2019.