Tesla-Powered Can-Am Is The Ultimate Electric Dune-Destroyer

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Without a rambunctious exhaust note, all you can here are the tires battering the sand.

Electric motor swaps are becoming increasingly common in certain parts of the automotive world, and it seems the trend is making its way over to the off-roading scene.

Seen below is a rather rapid Can-Am Maverick UTV ripping through desert sands at full speed. However, instead of the growling three-cylinder engine it leaves the factory with, this particular example is powered by electric motors usually found in a Tesla Model 3. It's quite a sight to behold. The desert destroyer rips through the sand in silence; only the sound of the paddle tires pummelling the hot sand can be heard.

According to The Drive, the man behind this incredible creation is Don Swadley. The all-electric Maverick has been fitted with 10 Chevrolet Bolt batteries that weigh around 70 lbs each. These power the single, rear-mounted Tesla 3 motor. We're guessing this setup weighs significantly more than the original gas-powered engine, but then again, it probably makes more power too.

teslasandtruck/Instagram teslasandtruck/Instagram

Swadley has detailed the build on his Instagram feed, and it's well worth trawling through his various posts if you're interested in this unique creation.

Crafting something as special as this requires special parts but, thankfully, aftermarket specialists such as Unplugged Performance and EV West exist. Swadley notes the battery-powered dune basher features a cage and doors that were built by SDR Motorsports. "SDR motorsports so many people [have] complimented [the] cage," he wrote in one of his posts.

Finally, the rear trailing arms and brakes were supplied by Extreme Performance. It's clearly been a lengthy process, but the build is seemingly complete. "My brother Dale and I drove for half a day in the dunes, not being nice to the car, and came out. Put it on the trailer at 53% SOC." - impressive considering that the vehicle has been driven hard with little effort to conserve range.

teslasandtruck/Instagram teslasandtruck/Instagram

In another short video, Swadley claims the Can-Am covered more than 109 miles and suggests that it could have traveled an additional 25 miles before requiring a top-up. Keeping something like this charged in the isolated desert may come as a challenge but Swadley has thought about this, keeping the batteries full via a portable charger that hooks up to his caravan.

"The car takes 4 hours and 50 minutes to charge up to 90%; that's from a very low [state of charge] that I never drive it down to because that's hard on everything. I'm still getting upwards of 128 miles, [which] is my best and I could've probably still gone another 25 miles." If that's correct, we're impressed - that's more range than some EVs offer.

We admire Swadley's inventiveness and tenacity, as building something like this is no mean feat. It's only a matter of time before we see manufacturer-made EVs such as this.

teslasandtruck/Instagram teslasandtruck/Instagram
Source Credits: The Drive

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