Tesla-Powered Range Rover Classic Costs $100k More Than Brand-New Model

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The UK specialist that created it will produce no more than six units annually.

EV regeneration specialist Inverted has announced the launch of its first two-door Range Rover Classic electric SUV, and its brawny body is hiding a Tesla-sourced battery module with a capacity of 80 kilowatt-hours. It's not the first time a restomod Land Rover specialist has used Tesla powertrains.

While Land Rover readies its first EV for launch in the near future, specialists like Inverted are popping up everywhere by reimagining classic Range Rover models with fully electric powertrains. In this case, the first road-registered example of the company's Range Rover is all the more unique with its two-door body style, making it something of a spiritual predecessor to the stunning SV Coupe.

Inverted's classic Range Rover also comes with an even loftier price than a modern Range Rover.


At £225,000 plus VAT, this electric Range Rover's price works out to around $280,000 at current rates - over $100,000 more than a new Range Rover Autobiography in long-wheelbase, seven-seater guise, which has a 523-horsepower V8.

Inverted's Range Rover isn't quite as powerful, with 450 hp and 443 lb-ft of torque from its electric powertrain. That's enough for a swift 0-60 mph time of five seconds, though, which isn't too far behind the V8-powered modern Range Rover we just mentioned.

Eco, Sport, and Off-Road driving modes are available for this electrified Range Rover, and it comes with a new gear set, a new oil pump, and a limited-slip differential. Four-wheel drive is still equipped, while the vehicle's original axles were improved to match the boost in power relative to the original.


#001, the first road-registered example of the electric SUV, also comes with an available Road Handling Pack that includes adjustable shock absorbers, springs that are stiffer by 25%, and anti-roll bars. Being such a heavy beast and not having been developed as an EV from the start, it's not a massive surprise that the range on a full charge is limited to around 200 miles. The CCS charger can charge at 100 kW, getting the battery from 20% to 80% in approximately 34 minutes. There is also an onboard 6.6-kW charger.

But why use Tesla batteries? For Founder and Director Harry Millington, it's all about reducing the environmental impact of Inverted's products, as he explains: "I made the conscious decision to recycle and re-use existing Tesla batteries, rather than increasing footprint with carbon-intensive new modules."

It doesn't hurt that Tesla batteries have quite an impressive lifespan.


The electric powertrain aside, this is still a Range Rover, so it needs to deliver aesthetically and in terms of luxury. To that end, part of Inverted's restoration is returning the exterior to its original condition, with almost no evidence from the outside that this is an EV. And, at these prices, it's little surprise that customers can order trim and color options to suit their exacting tastes.

In the case of #001, sustainable Mocha leather upholstery has been sourced from Muirhead, said to be the lowest carbon leather in the world. The leather contrasts nicely with Harris Tweed, said to reflect British luxury and style.


Soundproofing has been added, which is just as well as there is no engine to drown out any road or wind noise, and modern features like a rearview camera, heated seats, and Apple CarPlay/Android Auto brings the classic Range Rover into the 21st century.

"With no road tax, congestion, or ULEZ charges and zero emissions, our electrified Range Rover Classic offers effortless, comfortable, and reliable motoring in town or country," said Millington. "I believe we have created the ultimate, luxury forever-classic icon."

Four-door or LSE spec models can also be used as a base for Inverted's electric conversion, but the company says it will cap production to a mere six units annually to guarantee exclusivity for each customer.


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