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Tesla Produced Its 100,000th Model 3 After Just One Year

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It took Nissan four years to turn over that many new Leafs.

Production of the Tesla Model 3 hasn't been without its hiccups. But those early manufacturing woes now appear to be behind it as the House That Elon Built has reportedly produced its 100,000th example of the (relatively) mass-market electric vehicle.

It only took about a year for Tesla to reach the milestone – far faster than it ever did with the Model S, and making the Model 3 the fastest EV yet to reach the 100,000-units-made mark. At the current pace of production, Electrek reports, Tesla is churning them out at a rate of over 1,000 every day.

Tesla had produced its 100,000th Model S in 2015, after some three years of production. As of the end of last year, it had produced just over 72,000 examples of the Model X. It only made some 2,450 examples of the original Tesla Roadster, and has yet to start producing the new one.

To put the Model 3's production milestone in the perspective of the broader automotive industry, consider that GM took over five years in 2016 to reach 100,000 units of the Chevy Volt plug-in hybrid, and it has some ways to go before the Bolt EV gets there.

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Those totals still pale in comparison to the 300,000-plus Leafs that Nissan had made as of the beginning of this year, which makes the Leaf the most widely produced EV in history. But it took the Japanese automaker about eight years to get there. The Leaf reached the 100,000 mark in 2014, some four years after it entered production.

What's more is that the achievement opens the door for Tesla to increase production even further. By the end of the year, the company is slated to roll out the long-awaited entry-level version of the Model 3, with the $35,000 sticker price that Elon Musk promised when unveiling the vehicle last year.