Tesla Recalls Every Single Model S Ever Made

All of this because one item wasn’t connected properly.

When it comes to nipping something in the bud before it getsout of control, Tesla’s latest recall may take the cake. The automaker is conductingits largest recall ever for 90,000 Model S vehicles (as in every one made) because of one report of afront seat belt not being properly connected. No one was injured or hurt, butTesla’s asking customers to bring their Model S cars in to look at a bolt inthe seat belt assembly. The company sent out an email to owners after thesingle issue was discovered earlier this month.

A Model S owner in Europe was sitting in the front passengerseat of the vehicle and turned to talk to people in the back seat when theseatbelt became disconnected. According to a Tesla spokesperson, the outboardlap pretensioner wasn’t assembled properly. The recall will require techniciansto check the functionality of the seat belt, which will only take a few minutesto complete. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and its global equivalentshave already been notified and no injuries have resulted from the faultyseatbelt.

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