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Tesla's Adjusting The Prices And Options On The Model S & X

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Streamlining ought to help ramp Model 3 production.

A lot's happened at Tesla since introducing the Model S. It's launched the Model X and Model 3, revealed the next Roadster, announced plans for a new Semi truck, and replaced Elon Musk as chairman. So after six and a half years, it may come at little surprise that the electric-vehicle manufacturer keeps rolling out updates to its core model.

As our colleagues at Autoblog report, the latest round of adjustments to the Model S consists principally of removing some options, and reducing the prices on others. Like the rear-facing jump seats, which have been removed from the list of options.


The Model S is also losing its panoramic sunroof option, leaving just the all-glass option. And that means you can't fit a roof rack on it.

The reason for those particular decisions may come down to the parallel availability of the Model X crossover, which (we gather) is likely the more popular option for those who want to transport seven occupants in their Tesla, or mount something to the roof. But the sedan isn't the only model losing options, as the crossover also loses the center console on six-passenger version. However both six- and seven-seat configurations remain available.

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Along with the adjustments to the options list, Tesla has also altered its pricing scheme moving forward. The base 75D version of both the Model S and Model X will now cost about $1k more than before. For the added scratch, though, both now include the Premium interior as standard, and the other cabin options drop dramatically in price from $3,300 to $1,500. And at the other end of the spectrum, the top-of-the-line 100D models drop in price by $500, to $96k for the Model S and $99k for the Model X.