Tesla's Affordable SUV Will Enter Production Soon


But when will the Model Y finally arrive?

It seems like no matter how excited we are for a current Tesla product, the company always has another highly anticipated model for us to talk about. Tesla's CEO Elon Musk is the master of hype, using reveals like the new Tesla Roadster to distract customers from boring issues like Model 3 delays and delivery issues. Now, Tesla has seemingly ironed out its delivery hell and has finally turned a profit, but there are still plenty of upcoming models to look forward to including the Semi, the Roadster, and the Model Y.


The Model Y is Tesla's highly anticipated small SUV, which will be based on the same platform as the Model 3. So far, we've only seen a small teaser of the Model Y, which was accompanied by a potential reveal date of March 15, 2019. Musk admits the March date is something he "just made that up," but it does make sense considering the Model Y is expected to enter production this November. This timeline does seem to line up because Tesla has reportedly greenlit the Model Y prototype for production according to the company's Q3 2018 Financial Call.

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We anticipate the Model Y to be even more popular than the Model 3. Consumers love SUVs, so the affordable Model Y will likely be Tesla's best-selling model. The current Model X starts at $79,500, so it is out of most buyers' reach. Inside EVs expects the Model Y to be priced between the Model 3 and Model S in the $45,000-range. The Model Y will be based on the Model 3 platform but will ditch the Model X's falcon doors in favor of less expensive traditional doors. March seems like an ambitious date for Tesla to finally complete its S3XY lineup, so don't be surprised if the Model Y takes a bit longer to actually arrive in customer's hands.

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