Tesla's Autopilot Will Navigate Traffic Lights And Stop Signs "Soon"

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Elon Musk says a future update will let you commute in a Tesla with "no driver input at all."

Tesla recently introduced its Navigate on Autopilot system, which added the ability to navigate highway on and off ramps based on the destination in the GPS system and suggest lane changes, but Elon Musk has ambitious plans for a future update.

On Twitter, Musk teased that Tesla is already working to make the advanced system navigate traffic lights, stop signs and roundabouts. He also reiterated that Tesla cars will be able to navigate a parking lot and park without any input from the driver after previously promising this feature will be available by 2019.


"If you have a Tesla built in past 2 years, definitely try Navigate on Autopilot. It will blow your mind. Automatically passes slow cars & takes highway interchanges & off-ramps," Musk said on Twitter. "Already testing traffic lights, stop signs & roundabouts in development software. Your Tesla will soon be able to go from your garage at home to parking at work with no driver input at all." It sounds like Tesla is getting closer to achieving fully autonomous driving.


Like a lot of Musk's bold claims, this raises a lot of questions. Musk didn't explain how the update to Navigate on Autopilot will work, when it will launch, or how long Tesla has been testing this technology. It also isn't clear if real-world testing has been carried out or if they were computer-simulated. The biggest hurdle, however, will be getting this system approved by federal regulators like the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which will no doubt have plenty of safety concerns about reducing driver input on traffic-clogged city streets.


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