Tesla's CEO Lays Out The Company's 'Master Plan' For The Next 10 Years

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Now we know all the crazy ideas Elon Musk has for the next decade.

Ten years ago, Tesla's CEO Elon Musk laid out a master plan for his company. He wanted to build a low-volume car (which would be expensive), use that money to create a lower-cost model, use that money to build a high-volume, affordable car, and provide solar power. Now that Musk's plan is coming to a close with the upcoming Model 3, it is time for the brilliant billionaire to reveal his plans for the next 10 years of Tesla. Basically, Musk wants “to cover the major forms of terrestrial transport,” what ever that means. Don't worry, we'll explain.

Right now, Tesla only covers the very small premium sedan segment and the niche electric SUV segment. In addition to a future compact SUV to slot below the Model X, Tesla is also planning a pickup truck. Basically, Musk wants to build a Tesla to suit every person's needs. These new models would be future-proofed with solar-roofs that can charge the cars while they are parked. In addition to expanding the model range, Tesla plans to build "heavy-duty trucks and high passenger-density urban transport." This means transport trucks and buses. Tesla wants to improve public transport and shipping by making all of these vehicles autonomous and improving ergonomic design. Too bad it would put bus and truck drivers out of their jobs.

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Obviously, autonomy is very important for Tesla moving forward. Musk realizes that, "Even once the software is highly refined and far better than the average human driver, there will still be a significant time gap, varying widely by jurisdiction, before true self-driving is approved by regulators." As of now, Tesla's autopilot system is technically in "beta," but Musk says that when the technology is perfected and approved by regulators, you will be able to "sleep, read or do anything else on route to your destination." The final piece to Musk's master plan is to implement a car-sharing platform for smartphones. This system would allow you to share your car with other users and earn money.

Basically, while you are at work, you can tell your car to drive around by itself and earn you money as a taxi, "significantly offsetting and at times potentially exceeding the monthly loan or lease cost." That way, your car will actually be able to make you money without you being behind the wheel. We wonder if your Tesla will be able to do its own paper route. Elon Musk is certainly a dreamer, but if we look at his last master plan, he definitely delivered. Tesla's future plans seem pretty cool, and we particularly can't wait to see a Tesla pickup truck.