Tesla's Future Plans In Europe May Involve Nuclear Power?!

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An old nuclear power plant that is.

Tesla looks to have a success on its hands with the new Model 3. However, the electric car manufacturer is now dealing with the difficulties of keeping up with the massive demand. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has revealed plans to open a factory in Europe that would make distribution there easier. In January, Musk visited Tesla's French HQ in Chambourcy and expressed interest in the French Alsace region bordering Germany and Switzerland. A suitable location has been pitched, but there's a catch.


The French Energy Minister Segolene Royal suggested the Fessenheim nuclear plant. This site is the oldest nuclear plant in the country, and is already scheduled to shut down. This location would need to be decontaminated before it could become an operational car factory, a process that will take a few years. Even so, Royal says that Musk hasn't declined this offer as of yet. It seems funny that Tesla would open a new factory in a former nuclear energy plant, but stranger things have happened.

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Tesla Inc
Source Credits: abcnews.go.com

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