Tesla's Latest Autopilot Is The Closest Thing We Have To Self-Driving

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Now the system knows exactly where to drive itself.

Tesla's latest software update created a few issues for Autopilot users by disabling their Autopilot, but as we've come to expect from Tesla, the company has not only fixed the issue but added new features as well. Version 9.0 of Tesla's software added a few fun features such as the ability to play classic Atari games on the infotainment screen and a dash camera.

Though having a few classic video games on the main screen is a fun new feature, Version 9.0 also includes a new feature called Navigate on Autopilot and Tesla has released a video showing how it works.


Navigate on Autopilot improves on Tesla's already excellent Autopilot technology by adding the ability to navigate highway on and off ramps based on the destination in the GPS system. Basically, drivers simply need to set an address in the navigation system and autopilot will be able to follow the route even when it is time to take an off-ramp. The system isn't fully autonomous, so it still requires a confirmation from the drive to initiate a lane change.

Version 9.0 also brings a new feature called "Obstacle-Aware Acceleration." When the system detects a slow-moving car in front of you, it can now change lanes and accelerate past it by itself.


While this software update is a far cry from the fully autonomous chip Tesla has been promising, it is still a nice improvement to the Autopilot system. We hate it when a slow car gets in front of us while we are cruising on the highway with adaptive cruise control, so this update should make it less of an annoyance. Version 9.0 sounds like another nice improvement to the Autopilot system, which should make Tesla owners very happy.


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