Tesla's New Model S P90D Hits 60 MPH In A Supercar-Stomping 2.8 Seconds

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The new "Ludicrous Mode" promises insane performance.

Tesla announced a lot of stuff today, but there's really only one thing you should care about. Okay, make that two. First off, the top-line Model S P90D, which nudges the P85D from the top spot, is absolutely nuts. The P85D was the ultimate sleeper: An electric four-door with 691 horsepower, it regularly smoked supercars through the quarter-mile. Now the new P90D should be able to beat almost anything on the strip as it packs a crazy 762 horsepower. It also has a 0 to 60 time of just 2.8 seconds, although top speed is still limited to 155 mph.

"Ludicrous Mode" now trumps "Insane Mode" in both silliness and speed. It's available on the P90D for $10,000 and existing P85D owners can upgrade for $5,000 (plus service fees). It costs so damn much because it's a hardware upgrade, not software update, which means you need to bring the car in for servicing. (Good news 1.5 is that the Model X crossover will have Ludicrous Mode, although it will only do 0 to 60 in 3.3 seconds.) The second bit of good news is that the iconic Tesla Roadster is coming back! It'll hit four years from now and will feature a speed setting even crazier than Ludicrous. All Elon Musk will say is that it's called "Maximum Plaid."

The top-tier Model S was already incredible, but this puts it in rarefied air. If you can have a supercar's performance and the space of a sedan all for half the price of said supercar why wouldn't you go for it? Yeah, range anxiety sucks but the Model S can now go up to 300 miles with its new optional 90-kilowatt hours battery pack (good news 2.5). If you had the coin would you buy a Model S P90D or is there still something you don't like about Musk's electric super sedan?

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