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Tesla's New Truck Needs To Look Just Like This

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Just look at it!

The Tesla Pickup is one of the last upcoming models that has not officially been revealed yet and while each new vehicle released has created a stir in its segment, this all-electric truck may well make the biggest splash yet. Elon Musk has promised a debut later this year and stated that he loves the futuristic design, but it might be a bit too revolutionary for some tastes.

Precious little else has been revealed about this new model, but that did not stop car designer Emre Husmen from designing his own interpretation of what the Tesla Pickup might look like.

Clearly, the 'futuristic design' ethos was a driving force behind his renders, which Husmen has called the Model P. This could quite possibly be one of the model names Tesla is considering if its past naming choices are anything to go by.

The truck itself has been depicted in a variety of colors and settings giving us a good idea of what it would look like in reality. Husmen said that he used the Roadster concept's design language as a starting point and wanted to focus on portraying the truck as sporty and dynamic.

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While designs like this rarely take practical considerations into account, the Model P has been designed to consider the battery pack and it features a one-piece body construction to aid rigidity. As Husmen explains, "behind rear windows I placed "shark fins" to make it even more aerodynamic and energy efficient.

On the lower front, rear and side protectors there are hidden folding steps to assist users entering and exiting the cabin and reach storage areas easily. While the actual Tesla Pickup may look nothing like this, we can't help but think that if it did, the F-150s continuing sales dominance may well come under threat.