Tesla's Newest Easter Egg Will Make You Think You Are Playing 'Mario Kart'


We hope Tesla's programmers never grow up.

We already know that Tesla is a bit of a "silly" automaker. The hilariously named Insane and Ludicrous modes are a testament to that. Tesla has even put Easter eggs into the car, such as being able to change the picture on the central display screen into the James Bond's Lotus submarine. Now Tesla's programmers have put another Easter egg into its cars. This one can be found by activating the autonomous driving mode (autopilot) four times in quick succession. This changes the road into a rainbow, like the one from "Mario Kart"!

If you own a Tesla you can relive your fantasy of cruising on what is perhaps the game's most famous track. Of course Tesla isn't saying that this "psychedelic cowbell road" is the one from "Mario Kart," but Elon Musk did take to Twitter to show off this latest feature.

Source Credits: twitter.com

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