Tesla's Truck Could Be Here Sooner Than Expected


Elon Musk is making bold claims again.

It seems like a day can't pass without Tesla's CEO Elon Musk tossing off something on Twitter that makes everyone collectively say: "Wait. What?" Whether he's genuinely just reacting to questions or deliberately trying to keep Tesla in the news and buoyant with investors, only he knows.

Musk's latest innocent-looking bomb to be dropped follows the Twitter conversation about Netflix streaming coming to Tesla vehicles after someone asks Musk if there's "Any updates on Tesla pickup unveil?? We're dying here. We need to know." Musk replies: "We're close, but the magic is in the final details. Maybe 2 to 3 months."

Emre Husmen
Emre Husmen

The " Maybe 2 to 3 months" for a reveal on a truck that, only a month ago, Musk was on a podcast and musing about it and saying: "It's going to be a truck that is more capable than other trucks. It'll be a better truck than [an] F-150 in terms of truck-like functionality and be a better sports car than a standard [Porsche] 911. That's the aspiration."

Equally though, you would think the head of car company dominating the, albeit tiny, electric market would know what would be happening in regard to a whole new vehicle in the coming months.

Emre Husmen
Emre Husmen
Emre Husmen

What we know about the planned Tesla truck is, basically, nothing. There are no actual clear images of the truck, although it's possible some renderers such as Turkish car designer named Emre Husmen or Justin Duel James could be close to the mark with pictures shown here. The only basis for the renders though is a hazy image of what Tesla claims is the front of the truck.

If Musk isn't just yanking chains, that means the reveal could come as soon as the end of September or October. We won't hold our breath on the claimed 300,000 lbs of towing capacity Musk also claimed on Twitter in 2018 though.


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