Tesla Says First In Queue Will Receive Brand New Model 3 For FREE!

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Elon Musk is such a dude!

In the build up to Tesla's hotly-anticipated Model 3 reveal that took place last night, the Californian EV maker shared snaps and stories of fans queueing up in line outside showrooms across the US and as far afield as Australia for as much as 48 hours, just so they can leave their deposit for a car that has no official release date. In fact, those that spent days in front of the Tesla retail outlets had never seen the car before and knew nothing about its electric range or what features it would include.

While you scoffed at these Teslaphiles for being so overeager (and a bit weird despite what their t-shirts say), it appears they will have the last laugh. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has announced that "the first person that put their name down for the Model 3 in each of our worldwide outlets and paid the deposit will receive the car for no extra charge." That's right, sometime in the future (the Model 3 won't arrive in some countries until as late as 2018), the determined few who turned up with sleeping bags and foldable chairs to ensure they were first past the post will take delivery of a brand new Tesla – and all it would have cost them is a couple of nights sleeping rough and a few hundred bucks deposit.


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