Tesla Selling Cars Without Key Fobs From July

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New Model S and Model X deliveries are reportedly being shipped without a key fob, on purpose.

When the Model 3 and Model Y were first introduced, Tesla's decision to not supply conventional key fobs surprised many. But the company's argument was why would anyone bother with a traditional key when you could simply use a smartphone to gain access to the car? After all, Tesla also supplied these vehicles with key cards should you find yourself in a spot of bother.

However, the company soon backtracked and announced a key fob would be made available for the smaller models. At the time, Musk was quoted as saying "We really need to provide a normal key to the customers of the car." Now, a key fob for the Model 3 has been made available via Tesla's website." The larger Model S and Model X have always received this feature as standard but, according to Drive Tesla Canada, that may soon be changing.

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The outlet reports that buyers of new Model S and Model X models will now have to pay extra for the key. A reader shared that his newly-acquired flagship sedan did not come with the key fob, with a delivery advisor reportedly telling him the change was implemented for vehicles delivered after July 1, 2022.

Several owners have confirmed that they also haven't received the key fob with their new Tesla vehicles. It seems that the new process is still in the beginning stages, as others have received the allegedly discontinued key fob. Tesla hasn't made an official statement regarding this decision, but CarBuzz has reached out to the automaker for comment on this matter.

However, an internal email seen by the publication explains that the majority of Tesla owners don't bother with the key, preferring to utilize the card or mobile app. Tesla owners shouldn't fear, though - upcoming deliveries will still come with a set of key cards.

Tesla Tesla 2017-2020 Tesla Model 3 Key Card Tesla
2017-2020 Tesla Model 3 Key Card

The change was expected; in 2020, we reported that Tesla was readying the Model S and Model X to use the keycard technology. While traditionalists will lament the loss of a key fob, the company is reportedly looking to reduce e-waste.

Owners don't seem to mind, either. Tweets and comments on the matter show Tesla's research to be true. Owners aren't bothered with the lack of a key fob and much prefer to use their smartphones or the keycard. Tesla may be the first to do this, but we expect this trend will extend to other manufacturers in the coming years.

Tesla isn't doing away with the key entirely. A quick look at the automaker's online shop will show the key fob is still available. For the Model X, it is priced at $175. We're glad to see Tesla isn't doing away with the key entirely. Not only is it a thing of beauty - Ferrari's latest key is a bit cooler - but some prefer the simplicity.

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Driving Front Angle
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Driving Front Angle
Source Credits: Drive Tesla Canada

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