Tesla Semi Trucks Will Also Soon Deliver Your Favorite Munchies

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You know, like Doritos and Mountain Dew.

A few days ago we learned about Anheuser-Busch's order for 40 Tesla Semi trucks, at the time the largest order placed. Now, however, it's been outdone by PepsiCo. The beverage and food company, according to Automotive News, has just reserved 100 Semi trucks. Whenever those vehicles are delivered and go into service, your favorite munchies like Doritos and Mountain Dew will be shipped to stores near you in environmentally friendly trucks.

PepsiCo claims it placed the order for that very reason, to reduce fuel costs and fleet emissions. This latest order is quite a big deal for Tesla, which has been directly targeting trucking companies and corporations. That hard work is beginning to pay off. However, other major transport companies are holding off on placing an order with Tesla for a few reasons. Their first concern is understandable: the time it'll take to recharge a truck compared to the time it currently takes to refill with diesel fuel. Other issues that still don't have answers are range and payload capacities. There's also the question as to how the market, in general, will develop for fully electrified commercial vehicles.

But Tesla isn't the only automaker anxious for a piece of the trucking business. Rivals such as Toyota, Daimler, and VW's Truck and Bus division all have projects in the works. As for PepsiCo, it currently has a fleet of 10,000 big rigs in the US, and these 100 Tesla Semi trucks will complement them. The plan is for them to deliver products within the 500-mile driving range promised by Elon Musk.


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