Tesla Sends False Email Offering $30,000 Discount On New Cars

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Of course the offer sounded too good to be true.

Tesla has just lowered the price of its most powerful 100D and P100D models by up to $5,000. Tesla likes to constantly update its lineup to keep it relevant, but the company rarely offers anything resembling a discount. Buyers have always benefited from an EV tax credit, but we've never seen Tesla do anything like a traditional dealership sale. Perhaps Tesla's one-price system may finally becoming to an end. Electrek reports that Tesla sent out an email offering big discounts and lowering interest rates to boost sales.


Tesla has never offered discounts in the past other than programs like the company's referral program. The company has tried to offer the same price on each car in every market aside from exchange rates and import duties. Elon Musk says that this system is "no negotiation and no discount policy", which makes Tesla different from a typical dealership model. Last year, Musk sent an email to employees telling them that it was "fine to have a discount on cars that have been floor models." This week, several owners have received a similar email that is offering up to a $30,000 discount on showroom P100D models.

The email (sent from a sales advisor) announces to the customer that there is "an incentive on Model S and Model X P100D that I thought you may be interested in." The offer is reported to be "showroom incentives up to $30,000 off the original configuration price." This means that the discount is applied to what ever the car's original price was, not what that car would cost to order today. With this discount, Tesla says that customers can lease a Model S P100D for $1,500/month or a Model X P100D for $1,600/month with 10,000 miles per year. the company is also offering 0.99 percent APR financing or a $30,000 discount with a cash purchase.

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Anyone interested in this deal better hurry, because the incentives are only available until September 30, 2017. The email also references the referral program, which will grant owners a $1,000 credit towards the purchase of a new Model S or Model X and Free Unlimited Supercharging for each referral. Unfortunately, Tesla immediately released a statement telling customers that there wasn't in fact a $30,000 discount being offered. This retraction email said that "we have a strict no negotiation and no discount policy." This statement clarifies that the original email referred only to certain vehicles on lots with price adjustments.

The type of cars that would qualify for a discount includes test drive vehicles, service loaners, cars that had been damaged and then repaired, or old models. These cars are all described as having "wear and tear, mileage, or discontinued features." It does seem strange that this email went out as it did. Still, we'd think about taking a former Tesla loaner or test vehicle if it meant we could get up to $30,000 an awesome electric car.


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