Tesla Smart Summon Technology Is a Godsend For Body Shop Owners


First-time users are already finding that Tesla's latest offering can lead to ruined quarter panels and heartache.

Tesla's latest party trick, dubbed "Smart Summon" is taking the internet by storm. Launched last week, the new feature was included in the latest software update, and while self-driving capable and enhanced autopilot cars already had a similar feature, the new system offers improved capability.

The old system allowed for simple instructions such as forward and rear movement, while the Smart Summon system acts as your own personal valet: Tesla vehicles equipped with this feature will be able to navigate private parking zones, driving to where you are waiting all on its own. The only catch? You'll have to be within eyesight of the car.

Twiiter user @abgoswami

"It's the perfect feature to use if you have an overflowing shopping cart, are dealing with a fussy child, or simply don't want to walk to your car through the rain," Tesla said. Real-world performance will always reveal gremlins, and only a few days after the release of the new Tesla invention, one Twitter user has already seen his beloved Tesla Model 3 make contact with the side of his garage door.

Twitter user @abgoswami posted an image of his blue Tesla Model 3 showing a ruined left front quarter panel with the caption "Be forewarned @Tesla @elonmusk Enhanced summon isn't safe or production-ready. Tried in my empty driveway. The car went forward and ran into the side of the garage. Love the car but saddened".

Chris Fenton

This might be one of the first reports of the Smart Summon system failing to deliver on its promise, but the Tesla Summon system has disappointed in the past: on September 9 Tesla owner Chris Fenton went to Twitter to vent his frustration when the Summon system lead to his P100D clipping the driver-side mirror on his garage door. Fenton claims that his Tesla self-steered into the garage door, leaving a scuff mark on the mirror and barely missing the front fender.

Some are wondering if Tesla has put enough research and testing into its latest offering, but despite the threat of scuff marks on side mirrors, the majority of owners seem to be happily testing out the new Smart Summon system.


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