Tesla Still Dominates EV Market Despite New Rivals

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It pays off to be the first at something.

Tesla has managed to do something pretty unique. The Palo Alto-based EV manufacturer has managed to make itself the face of these newfangled electric cars. Sure, some competition has emerged over the last several years, largely because of cars like the Lucid Air and more mainstream offerings from BMW, Audi, and Mercedes. But there's a reason those out of the know will still recognize a Tesla at the drop of the hat while assuming the Lucid is, yes, also a Tesla.

With that level of brand recognition comes sales. Experian published its findings for new registrations of electric vehicles in its Q4 auto market report, and surprise, surprise, Tesla topped the charts for new electric car registrations in the fourth quarter last year. A massive 69% of those new EV registrations were Tesla models. Check Elon's Twitter later to see if he's already made a joke about that number.

Tesla Tesla Tesla

Coming in second on the list is Nissan. The Nissan Leaf is a popular EV bargain, but the Japanese automaker only held 8.51% of new EV registrations, trailed closely by Chevrolet and Ford at 7.15% and 2.31% respectively. Put into hard data, it's easy to see why more traditional automakers are pushing hard to get their own EVs up, running, and charging so quickly. How would you feel if you lost to a rival by a 70% margin in anything? There was, however, one exception to Tesla's dominance over new EV sales.

Nissan runs things up in Alaska. Just over 40% of new EVs registered there belonged to the Japanese brand. However, Tesla is rapidly growing and sold around 33% of new EVs registered in Alaska. In fairness to Nissan, a Tesla Model S is one hell of a lot more expensive than a new Leaf. On the whole, new EVs are popping up all over the place.

Experian Experian Experian

Unsurprisingly, Tesla's home state of California had the largest increase in EV registration at 35%, with Florida trailing behind. Outside of California, however, buyers are still hesitant to go electric, as evidenced by the map below.

We expect to see those numbers come up as more mainstream automakers begin to switch to electricity. Soon you won't be able to get a gas-powered car from brands like Mini, Cadillac, and others. However, for now, at least, Tesla is still the undisputed king of the EV, at least when it comes to sales figures. How quickly that changes is all up to the rest of the auto industry.

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2021-2022 Lucid Air Top View
Source Credits: Experian

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