Tesla Stops Taking Orders For New $250,000 Roadster

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Pricing has been removed from the website, too. What gives?

The second-generation Tesla Roadster debuted in concept form a little over four years ago. A final launch date remains unconfirmed as Tesla CEO Elon Musk delayed (again) his Bugatti killer until 2023. The referral program that also gave away free Roadsters to a very select few also ended last September.

And now, per Electrek, the carmaker has removed all pricing information and stopped accepting reservations for the $250,000 Founders Series trim. Those who did manage to get a reservation in had to hand over a $50,000 deposit. Many of those deposits were made back in 2017 and, so far, no tangible product has emerged.

2023 Tesla Roadster Side Perspective Driving Tesla
2023 Tesla Roadster Top View Tesla
2023 Tesla Roadster View Out Back Tesla

Musk has gone on record stating the new Roadster is not especially high on the priority list as time and money is being spent on getting the Cybertruck on the road. The Founders Series is limited to just 1,000 examples, so it's entirely possible deposits have now been placed for all of those. Because Tesla lacks a PR department, we're unable to confirm this.

Also interesting is that the company has removed any mention of the $200,000 base price from its website. We doubt this means it's sold out. Chances are, Tesla is currently redoing trim information as Roadster production gets closer.

2023 Tesla Roadster Front Seats Tesla
2023 Tesla Roadster Wheel Tesla
2023 Tesla Roadster Lateral View Tesla
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For example, Musk revealed plans for a so-called "SpaceX Package" a while back but pricing and other key details never made it online. That could soon change. This package is expected to be very popular with Roadster customers for one key reason: The ability to sprint from 0 to 60 mph in just 1.1 seconds. Musk also claimed the package gives the car the ability to hover in the air. We'll see about that.

In the meantime, what we'd really like to see is an updated Roadster prototype. The original looked fairly close to production-ready but, again, that was four years ago. Will 2023 be the year of the new Roadster? Who knows, but it could be fun to take some bets.

2023 Tesla Roadster Side View Tesla
2023 Tesla Roadster Front Angle View Tesla
2023 Tesla Roadster Rear Angle View Tesla
Source Credits: Electrek

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2023 Tesla Roadster Front View Driving
2023 Tesla Roadster Top View
2023 Tesla Roadster Front Seats
2023 Tesla Roadster Wheel
2023 Tesla Roadster Side View
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