Tesla Suing German Company For Screwing Up The Model X


Is this why the Model X had so many delays?

It aint easy being an up and coming automaker in a saturated market with enough complexities to make Steven Hawking scratch his head. Elon Musk is learning this the hard way with Tesla, and its latest problem goes to show just how many things can go wrong. Apparently Tesla is suing German product vendor Hoerbiger for failing to properly make working hydraulic lifters for the Model X's signature Falcon Wing doors. According to Tesla, Hoerbiger didn't uphold its end of the contract because it failed to provide a quality product.

Apparently the hydraulic systems were prone to overheating and shutting off, failed to work when the car was parked on inclines, sagged the doors, and leaked hydraulic fluid onto the interior. Musk is mad because in order to get the car ready for production, Tesla had to spend millions of dollars to redesign the Model X in order to fit a new electric lifting system. Hoerbiger thinks its entitled to money from Tesla for the work it did designing the lifters, but Tesla says that the German company did not uphold its end of the deal and owes the EV maker cash for having to redesign the car and pay a new supplier to rush new lifters in time for production. Who do you think is entitled to the cash?

Source Credits: www.wsj.com

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