Tesla Superchargers Are Causing Headaches For Non-Tesla Cars Like The Jaguar I-Pace

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Charging port locations are to blame.

Tesla recently opened up its Supercharger network to other brands, but the location of varying charging port locations is causing a bit of a problem. This latest stumbling block highlights one of the main EV issues that hasn't been addressed properly yet.

Tesla appears to be buzzing with good ideas but tends to run into significant roadblocks on the way. Thankfully, its home charging system for non-Tesla models appears to be excellent.

In a clip shared on Reddit, we can see a Jaguar I-Pace being charged while a Tesla Model 3 owner stares in confusion. The Jaguar has no option but to dive head first into the charging bay, as its port sits on the front left fender. This makes the charging bay next door, which would typically be the correct one to park in, useless.


Drive up to any one of the thousands of Tesla Supercharging stations in your Tesla Model 3, X, Y, or S, and you'll have no trouble plugging in the charger to the port, but since opening its charging stations to other brands, Tesla has noticed that some cars might not exactly work with the standard Tesla charging layout.

Tesla models all have their charging ports located on the back left side. Other cars, such as the Hyundai Kona, have their ports in the middle of the front end, which will cause the same type of issues.

Electric vehicles are the new frontier of the automotive world, and while manufacturers try to figure out the best way to go about electrifying vehicles, a lot of elements still need to be regulated, such as the location of charge ports and charging connectors.


When Tesla first opened its supercharging stations, it didn't have to think about this issue, as all the cars it catered to were homogenous. Other charging network operators, such as Electrify America, which caters to all brands, had to accommodate all types of vehicles so its charging stations don't have to deal with the same issues.

Tesla is working on a solution with its new Supercharger V4, which has a longer charging cable, but for now, visiting a Supercharger station might get messy.

Just like the standardization of USB cell phone charging ports in Europe, the world needs to come together and decide where charging ports on cars need to be located.


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